Believe in magic, you muggle!

You’re probably at least somewhat familiar with a certain young wizard who goes by the name of Harry Potter, right? Of course you are! What, have you been living under a rock in the Chamber of Secrets?!

The Office: The worst thing about prison?

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The Harry Potter franchise has become one of the most successful literary (and film) series of all time in the course of the last decade-or-so, and along with that comes, of course, the adoption of phrases and terms from the media phenomenon into our vernacular.

Michael Scott, and Leslie Knope aren’t the only ones referencing the world of Harry Potter in his common conversation. It’s made its way into pop culture, but also into our own culture. Sure, you may not be throwing references to Hermione Granger into your casual chit chat, but I bet that if you heard someone say “Muggle,” you’d have a fair idea of what they meant.

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