The ultimate pop culture fan

If you’ve never seen Community, you’re missing one of the most heavily pop culture-laden shows on television (also: Psych). The show itself mimics, mocks and references TV and movies, and it also features its own resident pop culture expert. The character of Abed is obsessed with all things pop culture, and finds that to be the easiest way for him to relate to the word around him. He frequently compares his life and the circumstances around him to plot devices, character archetypes, and often to specific TV shows, movies, and characters.

I wanted to share this clip from the show because it illustrates some of my reasoning behind this blog. In conversation with another character, Jeff, Abed discusses the need that we have to filter our lives through pop culture (while at the same time attempting to make Jeff believe that is the exact opposite of what he wants). Jeff and Abed both make some interesting points about using pop culture to express ourselves and make sense of what goes on around us:

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